Calendar  St Patrick’s NS 2023- 2024

Opening Term:                                           Tuesday 29th August 

October Mid-term Break Closing:       Friday 27th October

School Opening:                                           Monday 7th November

Christmas Break Closing:                        Friday 22nd December

School Opening:                                           Thursday 8th January 

February Bank Holiday:                           Monday 5th February

February Mid-term Break:                     Thursday 15th & Friday 16th February 

Saint Patrick’s Day:                                   Monday 18th March

Easter Break Closing:                                 Friday March 22nd 

School Opening:                                            Monday 8th April

May Bank Holiday:                                      Friday 3rd and Monday 6th May 

June Bank Holiday:                                   Monday 3rd June 

Closing for Summer Holidays:              June 21st last day of school until late August 2023

There will be school closures to accommodate teacher training in relation to the Primary Language Curriculum.

There may be other closures due to unforeseen circumstances.

We will endeavour to provide you with as much notice as possible of these closures. 

In the case of emergency closures, parents and guardians will be informed via text.